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Location of the resort
Khuzhir-Nuge bay

"Da-shi" resort is located at Maloe Sea 270km away from Irkutsk,
at Khuzhir-Nuge bay only 50 meters away from the shore. It’s easy to come here
by car or our transfer.

Geographical coordinates:
53°04'46.7" NL. 106°48'20.4" EL

We provide transfer services: Irkutsk – "Da-shi" resort – Irkutsk.

A shuttle bus leaves every day at 9 a.m.
One-way ticket costs 1050 rub per person.

A personal (individual) car leaves from any place and at any time you want.
One-way ticket costs from 6500 rub (depends on number of people and their luggage).

Residing cost doesn't include the price of transfer services.


You can get the resort by car from Irkutsk, driving along the Kachugskiy Highway heading to Bayandai village(134 km).

At Bayandai turn right on the crossing, heading to Elantsi (209km). Then at the fork, there's a petrol station KraisNeft on the right and Harat's Pub (café "Nadejda") on the left, you should turn left, heading to Sarma village.

At the road sign "11 km" you will see a plaque "Da-shi" on the right. Turn right and drive down towards the Baikal. Following the signs, you will reach "Da-shi" resort.

If you have any questions, call our administrator: +7 902 510 67 69.

Our office address
Contact information

14a Traktovaya St., Irkutsk
Vacation center "Da-Shi"

+7 (3952) 60-67-69