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We vacationed in early June 2017. We liked completely everything. We were surrounded by care and attention of staff – they were really helpful. We were surprised by chef every day. Svetlana and Eugene made our rest unforgettable. Tour guides were very attentive to us. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
— Julia, Moscow
In a few words, unforgettable rest or everything was great! We were vacationing for 4 days in August 2016. In the very start we were helped to take our stuff to the rooms. We had a boat and we were helped to take it onto water, moreover it was in safe for all 4 days. Special thanks to the restaurant and cooks. Our fussy kids were completely pleased as well as we were. And also we had our cat with us. One day we missed it, but staff had helped me to search for him and, fortunately, it was found. Wonderful rest, wonderful conditions, great attitude towards the guests. We’re visiting “Da-Shi’’ in two weeks again! Can’t wait for that!
— Olga, Eugene, Marina, Aleksandr and a lot of our kids. Irkutsk, Chita. August 2016
We were vacationing at this wonderful place from 2nd to 5th of July. There were many of us, including our international guests, and everyone loved it. From the moment of booking and contacting with the marvelous admin Svetlana, helpful staff, who carried our stuff to the hotel. Then we enjoyed comfortable and clean rooms, delicious restaurant food and great water pipes :) We visited their superb beach and sauna of impeccable service along with hospitable and sincerely smiling staff. We really didn’t want to leave the resort. Thanks to Sveta, Eugene and the whole staff for warm company during our night sit-downs. We have visited more than 20 countries and we can safely say it was the one of the best places we have ever been to!
— Best regards, Dmitriy Solonchuk
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